Description of the Varieties of the Gupta Rural Society

The details of the differences of the rural society of the Gupta period are given below-

(i) From some details it appears that the Gupta economy was very strong. Was. But the fact is that it was full of inequalities. of economic development Benefit was limited to a few classes. In this period the rich class indulged in luxuries. But the condition of farmers and laborers was not good.

(ii) Against the interests of the peasants during this period, Brahmin priests were used as land owners. The rise was an important economic event. It became a zamindar from the subsidized land The class was like a burden on the peasants. The condition of the farmers deteriorated And now forced labor was also taken from him.

(iii) Due to the beginning of feudalism, the burden of tax on the common man increased greatly and their rights were reduced. The fact was that the Gupta period Heaven was for the wealthy, not for the common man. of some scholars
Even though this era was like a golden age for the wealthy, great Maharajas, but As far as the common people were concerned, they were exposed to new cycles of exploitation in this age. were buried inside, especially due to the increasing influence of feudalism, the poor laborers Had to face the condition of forced labor and half-slave.

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