Portray the strict traditions of the Harappan public.

Or. What are the views on their religious beliefs and customs based on the remains found from the Indus Valley?

or, Discuss the major deities and religious practices of the Harappan Civilization.

or, Throw light on the religious condition of the Harappan Civilization.

or, throw light on the indications of religious rituals prevalent in the Indus Valley Civilization.

The religious customs of the Harappan people are inferred from some of their sculptures, pottery and copper plates. Many idols of Mother Goddess have been found.

Which shows that Mother Goddess was his revered goddess. An idol has also been found which is completely naked and has a dagger in hand and a garland of shaved heads.

This shows that they used to offer human sacrifices to please the gods and goddesses. It cannot be said whether temples were also built for the Mother Goddess or not.

An idol of his deity has been found from Mohanjodaro, which is similar to the present-day Shiva deity. Probably these people worshiped trees and animals (bulls etc.) and also snakes and stones.

This religion was the core of today’s Hinduism. A large number of amulets have been found from which it is known that they probably believed in ghosts and were afraid of them. That’s why they kept protective amulets.

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