Describe the achievements of Chandragupta Maurya

Achievements of Chandragupta Maurya-

(i) Chandragupta was the founder of the Maurya dynasty. He is credited not only for the abolition of the Nanda dynasty and for putting an end to foreign rule in Punjab, Sindh, but also for establishing his suzerainty over the whole of India.

(ii) Chandragupta was born in the Maurya dynasty in 345 BC.

(iii) Chandragupta with the help of his mentor and guide Chanakya, after the return of Alexander, killed the Greek invaders and established his rule over a large part of North-West India.

(iv) Defeated Seleucus, the general of his Greek invader Alexander, and forced him to accept a humiliating treaty, according to which Chandragupta had to give a huge area and the hand of his daughter Helen to Chandragupta and as the Greek Megasthenes ambassador in Chandragupta’s court. Came.

(v) He conquered Pataliputra by defeating Dhana Nanda of the Nanda dynasty, the ruler of Magadha and established the rule of the Maurya dynasty in Magadha. After that he expanded the kingdom considerably.

(vi) Thus the extent of Chandragupta’s empire was from the Hindu Kush in the north-west to the Bay of Bengal in the south-east and directly from the Himalayas in the north to the river Krishna in the south.

(vii) Chandragupta was a commander of a high order and a great conqueror. He had progressed from a small post like Sher Shah to a state post.

(viii) He was a great diplomat. On the basis of his diplomacy, he ended the Nanda dynasty, destroyed the Greek power and established a strong and well-organized governance system.

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