What do the pictures reveal about the Revolt of 1857? Historians of these pictures How do you analyses?

How do you analyze of 1857 Revolt?

Pictures of helpless women

How did British painters see the revolt of 1857?

Information about the revolt of 1857 obtained from the pictures and these paintings by historians Analysis of – The pictures prepared about the revolt of 1857 are giving important records Huh. They give a wide range of information and have been analyzed by historians.
(i) Some of the paintings made by the British depict the rescue of the British and the crushing of the rebels. English heroes who are praised by Thomas Jones Barker in 1859 The painting ‘Relief of Lucknow’ is an example of this category. when the rebel When the army laid siege on Lucknow, then the Commissioner of Lucknow, Henry Lawrence
Christians gathered and took refuge in a highly secure residency. later college A commander named Campbell took a large army and rescued the guard army.
(ii) Another painting is of Barker in which the moment of Campbell’s arrival is rejoiced. Shown celebrating. In the middle of the canvas are Campbell, Autumn and Havelock The dead and wounded lying in the front of the picture depict the battle that took place during the siege testify, while in the central part there are triumphant pictures of horses. would have known It is now that British power and control have been restored. The British public had confidence in their government.
(i) Pictures and reports of violence in India were widely published in British newspapers. seeing whom By reading and the British people were demanding vengeance and teaching a lesson.
(iv) Pictures of helpless women and children were also made. ‘Joseph Loel Pental’s English women and children wrapped around each other in a circle in a picture called ‘Smriti’ appear to. They look helpless and innocent.
(v) In some other sketches and paintings, women are depicted in a fervent manner. in these they
She is seen defending herself from the attack of the rebels. his heroic statue as shown.
(vi) In some paintings, pictures of the struggle for the protection of Christianity have also been made, in which the Bible is displayed.

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(vii) The pictures published on the subject of the rebellion depicted the rebels in a boom of vengeance. It is a display of ruthless murder.
(viii) Revolt of 1857 as a nationalist view Art and literature were retained in Horses to the queen of Jhansi in arts been depicted. this fight The rider is shown holding a sword in one hand and the race of a horse in the other. She is heading towards the battlefield to face the imperialists.


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