What were the reasons for the destruction of the Harappan culture?

Examine the causes of the destruction of the Harappan Civilization.

The old Mesopotamian civilization continued till 1750 BC, but by then the Harappan civilization had disappeared. The destruction of a great culture like Harappa is mysterious. In the absence of definite evidence, many arguments have been given by various scholars-

(i) Scholars say that the reason for the destruction of the Indus Valley civilization may have been unfavorable climate due to geographical change and the inhabitants there could not tolerate it.

(ii) Some scholars attribute the destruction of the Indus Valley to the severe floods there. Seven surfaces of the city of Mohenjodaro have been found, which proves that this city was inhabited seven times and destroyed seven times.

(ii) Many cities of this civilization have been found in burnt condition. Along with this, the ashes of humans have been found lying in the houses. It is possible that in the earthquake, the whole city has got absorbed in the womb of the earth and some part has been burnt to ashes and this culture has been destroyed.

(iv) Many scholars are of the opinion that foreign invaders will have a hand in the destruction of Harappan culture.

(v) It seems doubtful that this civilization may have been destroyed due to Aryan invaders.

Therefore, on the basis of the above arguments, it is fair to say that no single cause is responsible for the destruction of Harappan culture.

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