China India Conflict in Arunachal Pradesh Border

India’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi has clearly stated that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral and inseparable part of India.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian had warned India to stop steps that complicate border disputes.

Recent Events

A team of Chinese army tried to patrolling near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.
The Indian Army’s see on this patrolling Chinese team fell close to Yangse in Arunachal Pradesh.
They took these Chinese soldiers captive, although they were later released after military talks.

A news went viral in social media, in which it was shown that the soldiers of the Indian Army were holding the soldiers in blue uniform.
In this way, about 150 Chinese soldiers are kept hostage by the Indian Army.

However, later it became clear that this news was fake.

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Our country’s Vice President Vankaiya Naidu went on a tour of Arunachal Pradesh last week. His visit was quite normal but gave political color to his visit in China and expressed his opposition to this tour.

Why is China doing this?

What is the dispute between China and India?

What activity is China doing in India’s territories?

All these questions have been answered in the video given below. You must watch this video.

Let us go a little past to know the answers to all these questions.

Shimla Agreement

The border dispute with China started during the Shimla Agreement itself.
This agreement was placed between Tibet, China and India on behalf of British Foreign Secretary Sir Henry Mac Mohan.
China did not participate in this agreement.
Under this agreement, the 890 km boundary line was determined.
In this, Tawang of Arunachal Pradesh and the southern part of Tibet were considered as part of India.
After China occupied Tibet, it maintained that it was not bound to accept any agreement made by Tibet.
That is why it considers Arunachal Pradesh as its part.

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What is the current situation?

Shares a border of 1129 km with Arunachal Pradesh.
China does not recognize the Mac Mohan line, so it has always been encroaching on the territory of Arunachal Pradesh.
Some areas of Arunachal Pradesh which were in India before 1962, such as Ashafilla, Bija, Manja and Longchu have been completely occupied by China.
China continues to encroach on these areas every year.

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Sumdorung Chi Valley It is adjacent to Bhutan in the west. China has also encroached here.

Fish Tail 1 and Fish Tail 2 have the same problem. This region is situated on the eastern border of Arunachal Pradesh.
Here the border line from India’s side is not well marked. China has taken advantage of this.
There is a distance of 175 km between Beishing to Chaklagam. Between these two areas, China has made a road of 1 km from the side of the fish tail.
This road is built from east to west.
China has also built a military base around this road. Here a helipad has also been made by China.

Despite so much encroachment of China, he is not satisfied, but he is constantly active here.

in short

India’s border dispute with China is not only here but also in the Ladakh region of Kashmir. You can click here to know about it.

China’s policy has been expansionist. Due to this policy, he completely occupied Tibet.
India gave shelter to the Dalai Lama who fled from Tibet, who fled with his 1 lakh supporters.
India maintained peace despite China doing so much because the policy here has been peaceful.
China is the cause of headache not only for India but for the whole world.

What do you think about these Chinese works? Do tell by commenting.


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