China and Taiwan Conflict 2020: Introduction

Currently in news we have heard about the China and Taiwan conflict. Emerging dissimilarities between both of them are creating instability around them. There is rising difference between (ROC) i.e Republic of China and (PRC) i.e People Republic of China . Actually the relations between China and Taiwan is not a current issue at the whole, it is coming since 1700’s onwards. China and Taiwan both has its very complicated relation between them and lot of confusion flourishing there.

China and Taiwan Historical  Perspectives

17TH centuray ; During this time significant numbers of migrants came from china and started to settled in Taiwan. They came with the reason of trade, came as a merchant but stared for for a long time. The descendants of these migrations gradually make the largest population group in Taiwan. Due to this the indigenous population  of Taiwan shrinked at a small plot . Now the indigenous people in that area is just 2% . The population of that place is diluted by the chineses people.

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        In that time the Taiwan uses ruled by the china’s qing dynasty. In 1985 Japan conqured the Taiwan by attacking on it. It was came with the war named as Sino-japanese war. The quing government had left with severe defeat, japan won this war and without an option the qing government had to cede Taiwan to japan .

               But in 1945 the different countries confronted in the world war -2 and in this war the Japan was being put down by the USA and Japan lost the war. In this situation the Taiwan came out as a independent country. Exactly at  1945 (roc) that is republic of china government started to govern in Taiwan as an independent government. In 1912 the (ROC) which is also called as KMT government won the war against the Japan and again took the control of Taiwan.

Historical issues of China and Taiwan

  • Civil war in china : the civil war role between communist government of china and (ROC) government i.e KMT  government in Taiwan and ultimately KMT lost the war and got exiled in Taiwan island. Till then communist government is ruling in Taiwan and this became a root for the current upheaval in china’s Taiwan relationship. 
  • Stand of USA and western powers in civil war : the Us is inclined towards Taiwan (KMT ) government . US emerged as most important friend and its only ally. This relationship has built in times of (world war -2) . the US congress, responding to the move, he took initiative to pass the (Taiwan  relation act ) which promises to supply Taiwan with defensive weapons, and stressed that any attack by china would be considered of “grave concern”to the USA.
  • Replacement of ROC seat to PRC  government in UN : Taiwan statement, “ the KMT government “  of represent the whole china. Which it intended  to re-occupy. In the beginning the UNO gave its representation to the ROC government of china. We can say at one side the permanent seat in UNO was given to the Taiwan but later on. 1970’s when position got changed, the ROC was replaced  by PRC grandwell. In recent the china’s communist party hold the permanent seat in United Nation organization, which isn’t acceptable by the Taiwan . Washington also recognized the people’s  REPUBLIC China formally in 1979.

Current issues of China and Taiwan related to history

  • Disagreement between both government : when the PRC got stability in UNO, they initiate a for both the govt. named as [one china policy] but this was not acceptable by the Taiwan government.

Mainland say’s : the mainland china state in [one china policy], that there is only one china and that Taiwan is an inalienable part of it. Mainland claimed this by asserting that in 1992 an argument named as “consensus” . it also refers that  there is only one china but allows for differing interpretations by Taiwan.

Taiwan says:  The island’s current president, ‘Tsai-ing-wen’ leader of the (DPP) democratic progressive party completely rejected the consensus of 1992 transparently.

In January 2019 speech, it was declared the “one country two system ”framework advanced by Beijing (the capital of china) , unacceptable Taiwan claims that  that Taiwan government is an independent government but Beijing government tries to suppress them by their policies like one china policy or one country two system as they used this earlier for Hong Kong , Macao too. The Taiwan’s government  openly put down the offer given by the china’s government, china government said,” we to not accept the agreement which claimed that Taiwan is an integral part of the mainland china, they shouts they are separate.

Seeing after this situation china’s mainland has a fear that if Taiwan increases their voice for independence , then what will they do. China can suppress their voice by using their military, and other means but the US is a staunch supporter of Taiwan against china, and have stressed that if Taiwan was attacked with any country, then US will supply its weapon, technology and everything which will be needed to win the war .

  • Situation at now: The china and Taiwan relation started improving in 1980’s . The economic relation got improved as such as Taiwan said to be the major trading partner of mainland china if we see the recent graph.

       Diplomatic  relations now-a-days , china consistently offer more preferential policies for Taiwan so that the self-governed island’s residents can enjoy the same treatment as other chineses in the mainland enjoys. China tries with every means to make Taiwan to come up with an agreement and be part of it. The diplomatic , economic ties have grown between them but the political and the social conflict grab the space of disagreement between china’s mainland and Taiwan .

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                      Taiwan still disagreed with china mainland government. Recently Taiwan s health minister rejected on 14th august 2020 china’s main condition for the island.

Contemporary issue of Taiwan

Taiwan wants to become the part of United Nation , WHO, as it was earlier to be. The main confrontation is that the mainland china stopped Taiwan with a purpose of becoming the part of one china policy or recognized Taiwan as a part of integral china.

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United nation negotiation 

passed a bill aimed at countering china’s influence on the self-ruled island. The “anti-infiltration bill” pused by president Tsai-Wens Beijing ; which bans hostile foreign forces from activities such as campaigning, lobbying, making political domination, disruption social-order or spreading  dis-information related to election.

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