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Book Summary: Who Moved My Cheese

Book Summary: Life is not a story of walking on a straight path. It is like a maze, in which we are going. In this we get lost many times but if we keep courage then a door can open for us. Maybe not what we thought but what was best for us. That’s what the Who Moved My Cheese Book teaches us. We get to learn 3 special things from this book. Which we should always remember.

Changes Always Happen

We all are life changing. There is a lot of uncertainty in the economy. all of us are facing bad times on some or the other label. Now in this kind of Situation either we can assume that changes are going to happen and can move forward from it. Or are we people, we can shout, and cry, why is this change happening? But with this we will not be able to move forward. We should know that change is about to come.

You look at the small things in your life, many times you would have known that change was about to come, but even then we do not prepare ourselves. We become comfortable that we are at Station “C”. What we have is what we have. We are never ready to move forward. Because of which we get stuck in the same situation. And can’t find a new way.

Adapt to Change Quickly

You should be able to change yourself very soon. When change happens, we cannot sit and cry like others, the sooner you can change yourself and move forward, the better results you will get. We can also understand it like Sniff & Skari, they were enjoying their things very carefully. He was fully prepared for the change to come. It was because of his preparation that he did not get upset when the thing ended in Station “C”.

He directly shifted to the new place he had discovered. Whereas Hem and Hau got upset for a long time. Although Hau still gathered courage and went into the maze again, but Hem was left waiting there waiting for him. After that no one was interested in knowing what happened to Hem. Of late, Hau accepted that change. Similarly, the sooner you accept the change, the sooner you will be able to move forward.

Quick Change & Enjoy the Change

Now you can’t always keep thinking that I have to change, I have to change, but you are not changing. It is a very common problem that after this Situation, I am going to change. I will start my business now. You should stop thinking about it and plan ahead like Sniff & Skari and start working on it. If there is a delay due to any reason, then action should be taken quickly like Hau. You should imagine your future. How many good things can happen to you if you change. This Imagination will give you energy and will help you to move forward.

Friends this book, “Who Moved My Cheese”, Written by Dr. Spencer Johnson. This is a Best Selling Book. I have told you the Short Summary of this book. You will get to know more things in reading the book. If you also want to do something further in your life, then before doing anything, you must read the whole book. You will definitely get help in your work. I have given the link of the book. You must buy the book by going to the link. If money is less then you can also buy Ebook. I have given the link of both.

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