Describe some of the main features of Mohanjodaro.

Or, describe the characteristics of the Harappan culture.

Or, give an account of the architecture of the Harappan Civilization.

Or, what do you know about the great Baths at Mohanjodaro?

Architecture of the Mohanjodaro: Mohanjodaro was established in Larkana district of Sindh. Mohanjodaro means “City of the Dead” in Sindhi language. This name was given to it after the fall of Mohanjodaro. 5000 years ago it developed into a developed city. It was established seven times and destroyed again. This site was discovered after Harappa. Mohanjodaro was the most unique urban center of the Harappan civilization. Its discoveries have revealed the following features-

(i) Streets- The city had wide and straight roads. The eastern road, the western one and the northern road intersected the southern road at right angles. The lanes ranged from 3 meters to 10.5 meters wide and up to a few kilometers straight. Some lanes also intersected the main big lane at right angles which was 5.5 meters wide. The streets cut each other into square and rectangular sections. There were drains along all the houses on either side of the streets. The streets were narrow around the houses. There was a network of streets in the city.

(ii) Building – All the buildings of the city were built on high platforms. All the platforms remained within a certain limit. Each house was built with covered drains and streets. The entrance to the houses was narrow, there were no windows and skylights in the houses. Most of the houses had a bathroom, a courtyard and a kitchen. The buildings were made of solid bricks and the way was made of small bricks. Gypsum or clay mortar was applied to the bricks. Lime, gypsum, clay, plaster and bricks were used to make drains. The floor was made of solid bricks in the construction of the building. Signs of wells have been found in some houses of Mohanjodaro. Therefore, great care was taken of cleanliness in the city. So the people of Mohanjodaro were aware of cleanliness.

(iii) Large Bathroom– The most prominent public place of Mohanjodaro was the huge bathroom. which was built in the fort. The bathroom is beautifully laid out with bricks measuring 11.88×7.01 m and 2.43 m deep. The stairs went down to the surface. The bathroom was rectangular with corridors around it. The water used to come from a big well into the reservoir and flowed down the drain from one corner of the bathroom.

(iv) Annagar – The large buildings of Mohanjodaro had granaries which were 45.71 meters long and 15.23 meters wide with a space ranging from 8.38 to 10.25 meters. Granaries have been found in Harappa forts. Huge granaries have been found in the big houses of Mohanjodaro.

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